We understand that very often pipeline operators need various services to be provided on a particular pipeline including pipeline preparation for pigging. There are many ageing pipelines worldwide that still have remaining service yet to be determined.  Such pipelines sometimes were not designed for running inspection tools and were not equipped with launching and receiving pig traps. So in such cases pipeline operators need turnkey solution including modification of pipeline facilities to suit pigging needs (installation of pig traps, replacement of valves etc) using hot tapping equipment without shutting down the pipeline, pipeline proving, gauging, progressive cleaning and inline inspection.

We, at LINDA, have our own hot tapping equipment for pipelines with nominal sizes from 10” to 14”. With this equipment we can do all kinds of pipeline modification works without stopping the flow of product and accordingly prepare it for pigging operations within a reasonable time frame. Moreover, we can use this equipment to cut out and replace heavily corroded pipeline section after inspection data analysis and assessment of defects.