LINDA inspection has been formed by a team of highly-qualified engineers and top-level managers with many years of experience in oil and gas industry and pipeline inspection specifically.  Our expertise includes numerous pigging projects that have been completed in the most difficult conditions and to the most stringent requirements including development customized solutions. Experts of LINDA have successfully dealt with pipelines that were not originally designed for accommodating in-line inspection tools. Harsh weather conditions, heavy waxed pipelines, low flow lines, tight internal restrictions – we have taken these challenges and done the jobs that were rejected by others.

We possess the inspection tools that we operate. These inspection tools are designed and manufactured by us and we are also developers of our data analysis software.

Linda inspection is crossing the frontier of purely inspection business: we can provide turnkey solutions for older pipelines combining hot tapping operations with further inline inspection jobs with no requirement to temporarily shut down the pipeline. Our pipeline services department has various sets of hot-tapping equipment and performs pig traps installation, valve replacement and pipeline repair jobs.

Professional experience and qualification of LINDA engineers, managers and experts acquired during their work in various oil and gas industries ensures that our team will respond to any inquiry and come up with solution. Always.